If you haven't done so in a while, get out a copy of The Declaration of Independence. If you don't have a copy or the text of it somewhere in your home, just Google it.

I would encourage you to sit down in a quiet spot and read it. All of it. It is a magnificent document filled with timeless and eternal principles. It might send a chill up (or down) your spine. Or, it might make you cry.

One thing for sure is that after you read it, you'll realize that people like those who help write that document don't seem to be around anymore. At least we don't hear from them.

But, one thing that no one will tell you is this: The Founders were only men. Flesh and blood. But, they had vision and beliefs that guided their lives. They were in full possession of themselves. Full of a sense of honor, duty, and the common good.

You and I can be just like them. Why not take a moment out and think about that for a bit.

Then, go back and read it again and let it inspire you.